Douglas Duerring Photography | About

"Life is a sideshow, I just photograph it."™

Douglas Duerring is a self taught artist and photographer, proficiently pulling ideas into action from his long time work in the sound and light industry. Past experiences include Cirque Du Soleil, National Opera of Paris, and a gamut of commercial work. Current work includes TV and film work via I.A.T.S.E. Local #489, guru of graphics of any sort and possibly most important - local Beardographer™ of the Steel city beard and Mustache club.


He is the creator of the 24 in 24 Project. Douglas is the only person in history to have done this project. 24 different models, 24 different themes, in 24 hours. Raising money for Arts for Autism.


Douglas works with all mediums of photography. He is more passionate about film and tintype, but also enjoys digital, and instant photography. He shoots with film cameras over 75 years old.

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